Alternative Facts

What is it?

Noun, a term.

Alternative Facts, also known as “incorrect” facts, are facts that are not reliable, confirmable, or in any way legitimate.

They are an ineffective way to avoid admitting failure, taking responsibility, or accepting blatantly flawed logic.

Rather than admitting to and learning from mistakes, alternative facts allow users to employ the rhetorical strategy more commonly known as lying.

Why should you know?

 Alternative facts are making their way around the world. They are most effectively used when actual, legitimate facts are not in your favor. They disagree with absolute truth, qualified and quantifiable facts, and anything that can be backed up with actual evidence.

Alternative facts are the perfect scapegoat for anyone whose goal is to deny truth and appear mindless and unintelligent while doing so.

 Why now?

Alternative facts are everywhere. In fact, it can be hard to distinguish real from fake, true from false. To avoid confusion, be sure to fact-check and use reliable information sources.

For example:

  • It’s not that the Bowling Green Massacre didn’t happen; rather, it was documented in alternative facts.
  • I didn’t lie to my teacher about why I was late; I just presented an alternative fact.

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