Assisted Suicide

What is it? Noun or verb, an act and/or a decision.  Assisted suicide, also known as physician-assisted suicide, is when a person that is terminally ill or restricted by a medical condition to the point of low- or no- quality of life, chooses, knowingly and intentionally, to end their own life. In such a case, […]

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Alternative Facts

What is it? Noun, a term. Alternative Facts, also known as “incorrect” facts, are facts that are not reliable, confirmable, or in any way legitimate. They are an ineffective way to avoid admitting failure, taking responsibility, or accepting blatantly flawed logic. Rather than admitting to and learning from mistakes, alternative facts allow users to employ […]

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The Big One

What is it? Noun, an event. The Big One is a hypothetical earthquake, of magnitude 8.0 or greater, that is predicted to hit North America’s West Coast. The Pacific North West is located on the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ), where three major tectonic plates meet. In British Columbia, the Juan de Fuca plate is slowly […]

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Political Asylum

What is it? Noun, a political status. Political asylum is the protection and allowance given by one country to a citizen of another country who has left as a political refugee, often because of life- or right-threatening conditions. People who qualify for political asylum (political refugees) are able to reason that they are somehow at […]

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