Assisted Suicide

What is it? Noun or verb, an act and/or a decision.  Assisted suicide, also known as physician-assisted suicide, is when a person that is terminally ill or restricted by a medical condition to the point of low- or no- quality of life, chooses, knowingly and intentionally, to end their own life. In such a case, […]

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Hate Crime

  What is it? Noun, an illegal act. A hate crime is a harmful or intimidating act, usually violent, committed against a person or group. Victims of hate crimes are targeted based on aspects of their identity, not because of something they have done. Why should you know? Hate crimes are usually motivated by an […]

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Alternative Facts

What is it? Noun, a term. Alternative Facts, also known as “incorrect” facts, are facts that are not reliable, confirmable, or in any way legitimate. They are an ineffective way to avoid admitting failure, taking responsibility, or accepting blatantly flawed logic. Rather than admitting to and learning from mistakes, alternative facts allow users to employ […]

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